Thursday, 16 October 2014

Getting rid of the hair... For good!

Being blessed with Mediterranean genes has its downsides; unwanted hair being one of them!

A very embarrassing picture for you! 

I've been troubled by unwanted hair since puberty and have gone through all methods known to man to get rid of it; by far the most successful and stress free have been waxing and IPL and given IPL's ability to reduce hair growth significantly, I can't thank it enough!

However, there are some important things to know before embarking on a course of IPL:

1) You'll never get rid of the hair completely.

The best you'll achieve is significant hair reduction and hair growing back much finer which I think is a miracle in itself!

2) Different parts of the body will produce different results. 

I've had 10 sessions on my upper lip and still need to wax every 2 or 3 weeks to keep it smooth; however, after 3 sessions on my legs, I only need to shave every couple of weeks to keep them looking smooth- massive transformation!

3) You need treatment that is appropriate for your skin type

Your beauty/ medical specialist will be able to advise but some treatments aren't suitable for very dark or very fair skin

4) You will need to brave shaving in between sessions 

The treatment won't work if you wax/pluck up to 6 weeks before - I tried to cheat and failed miserably. However uncomfortable it might seem, it's the only way to really get the best results

I had my treatment in a specialist salon in London and found them to have very reasonable prices and good straightforward service

I really can't recommend IPL enough and even though I hesitated for a couple of years before trying it, now that I have, I'll never look back. It's given me the freedom to wake up every morning without having to go straight for the tweezers! Look forward to hearing all your experiences

Rosie J xx